Stage :: GKV GAD

Stage :: GKV GAD

The GKV and GAD lamps are intended for Theatre and Studio lighting

The GKV lamp is used by a number of modern high-performance profile spots including the Selecon Acclaim Axial, Selecon Pacifics and the Strand SL range.  The compact filament faciltiies a high beam intensity.

Philips GKV Compact Source lamps incorporate P3 technology, enabling the lamps to be used at higher temperatures.

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FKR 240V 650W G9.5 GE
17x FKR available while stock lasts  ..
GKV (HX800) 240V 800W G9.5 GE
10x GKV 800W 240V available while stock lasts  ..
PHOTOLUXE GKV 240V 600W G9.5 ..