Stage :: Linear Flood

Stage :: Linear Flood

These lamps are primarily used in Theatre and Studio "flood" lighting

Linear Flood lamps are typically used where an even 'wash' of light or colour is required - e.g. lighting cycloramas or backdrops, or for working light.  They are also widely used in display lighting, floodlighting and uplighters.

Recently the wattage of many of these have been reduced to come inline with the EU Lamps Directive.

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P2/10 240V 625W 190mm R7s GE
P2/10 ..
P2/11 240V 800W 119mm R7s GE
P2/11 EME Q800T3/4CL ..
P2/12 240V 1250W 190mm R7s GE
GE Product Code 19696 Product Description TU P2/12 Q1250T3/4CL Bulb Diameter (Metric) 12 Operatin..
P2/7 240V 1000W 190mm R7s GE
P2/7 EKM Q1MT3/4CL 240/250V ..