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General Purpose :: Special
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Fly Attraction UVA 12in 8W..
Fly Attraction UVA350nm 6in 4W BL350 MiniBP G5Y..
Germicidal 18in15W UVAT8 438mm G13 Sylvania..
Germicidal 3` 30W UVA T8 895mm G13 Sylvania..
Germicidal UV 11W Lynx-S..
ULTRA-VITALUX 300 W 230V E27 Osram
ULTRA-VITALUX 300 WEAN: 4050300003313Wattage: 300WVoltage: 230VBase: E27 Average life: 1000hBurning ..
FSX 230V 400W GY9.5 Osram Possible alternative to FSY, this lamp does not have a reflecto..
K4 Philex 1000w 189mm
K4 Philex 1000w 189mm ..