Stage :: UV Blacklight

Stage :: UV Blacklight

The UV lighting effect, or "Black Light" as it's also known, has been around for many years; used in both performance and increasingly in nightclubs, discos and parties.

We provide a variety of types of UV lamp - the traditional 400W mercury lamp (requires a ballast) typically used in UV Cannons in large venues or stages, the increasingly common fluorescent tube which benefits from being "instant on" without the warm-up time associated with the 400W cannons and the newest "Compact Fluorescents" which fit in any standard fitting and, having integral electronics, do not require any external control gear. These are based on domestic energy saving lamps and also benefit from having a very long life.

NOTE: To ensure safe delivery of fluorescent tubes we recommend they are ordered only in whole box quantities (usually 6 units).  We cannot accept responsibility for any UV Fluorescent Tubes damaged in transit.

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